CIW Certified - More about these certifications

  • Site Development Associate
  • Internet Business Associate
  • Network Technology Associate
  • Web Foundations Associate


  • Web Development Specialist - Tidewater Community College, VA, USA - Expected Graduation: Fall 2017 - More about this program
  • Associate Degree in Engineering Sciences - French Naval Academy / Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France - 2004

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How I came to Web Design

Early 2014, as I was experiencing "a few bumps" on the road of Life, I started a personal blog. Over time, it evolved from a very basic blog designed with a free drag and drop website builder to a more sophisticated and styled website.

During the development process, I realized that there was a geek inside of me who enjoys digging down into the code to unleash the infinite scope of possibilities. So I took steps to enhance my technical knowledge and grew my experience with more projects.

Today, I am Certified Internet Web Professional, back to school to learn even more and making the transition to a Web Design career.

What's Ludo757?

Ludo is my name (short for Ludovic). I served the French Navy for 10 years and I grew from Enlisted to Commanding Officer (take a look at my ship).

In 2007, I was sent to Norfolk, VA, USA to be the Navigation Officer on board a US Navy Destroyer, as part of an exchange program between the French and the US Navies (see this mighty US Navy warship). After we came back from a 7-month deployment, one Saturday night, on the famous Granby Street of downtown Norfolk, a beautiful American woman stole my heart. The rest is History 😉

Ever since, Southeastern Virginia has become my latest port of call and the home of my family.

This area is known as Hampton Roads or Tidewater. People around here also call it the 757, from the area phone code.

All together, it became Ludo757.

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